About us

We have been designing power electronics since 1988. First as ENEL, and since 2008 as ENEL-PC.

Main business of our company is development and construction of novel, customer-based solutions in power electronics. This includes but not limits to grid inverters, frequency converters, drive systems and DC/DC converters.

Our services are a perfect answer to modern challenges of industry, wherever the power conversion is needed. The right solution is provided thanks to our experienced team, consisting of engineers, PhDs in field of power electronics and installers. We also cooperate with research institutions.


Our solutions attracted attention of not only domestic customers like mining, home-appliance and railway industry, but also foreigners from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Vietnam.

We are eager to cooperate with every branch of industry. In case of any doubts do not hesitate to contact us.

What also sets us apart is our approach to equipment service. We provide support for many years, even for significantly damaged devices. Customers can count on spare parts, and in many cases electronics boards and components that have been damaged are repaired. This makes the service cheaper and environmentally friendly. This is an important feature of our company. We make sure that there is as little waste as possible.

We are also undertaking other ecological projects. A flower meadow was created next to the production hall, which is a paradise for bees and other insects. We have built a bird feeder. Thanks to the use of photovoltaic panels and energy storage, the company is largely powered by green energy.

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