Grid inverters (EW-400)

EW-400 is a family of grid inverters designed for connecting renewable energy sources to the grid. The inverters are designed to be a grid interface for induction motor, PMSM, PV or energy storage. This is a perfect solution for connecting hydroelectric power plants, biogas power plants, wind turbines or an energy storage facilities to the grid.

Grid inverters may act as a reactive power compensator or as active power limiter as well, depending on the application.

Within the power range of 15kVA-60kVA topology with the neutral conductor is available (for independent power generation in each line).

The EW-400 inverter family complies with the NC RfG standard and meets PSE (polish grid operator) requirements.

Devices are prepared to be remotely controlled via Modbus RTU, a HMI panel is available.

Main features of EW-400 inverters:

  • Grid voltage: 3x400V
  • Nominal power: 15kVA-400kVA
  • Compatible with source-side inverters for induction motor or PMSM connection
  • Suitable for energy storage connection
  • Water or air cooling
  • NC RfG compliant

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