1000V/1140V inverters

Our company for many years has been producing inverters dedicated for mining industry. Currently our most popular products are inverters for 1000V or 1140V grid, that is the most common standard in mining industry in Poland and Eastern Europe. With over 1000 pieces of sold inverters we are reliable and experienced counterparty.

We cooperate with other companies providing them with components, hardware and software for assembling inverters in theirs enclosures. We also design complete devices intended for mounting in dedicated locations, as agreed with the customer. It is possible to redesign our project to meet the needs of our clients.

Various topologies are available on the grid side: starting with simply semi-controlled diode-thyristor rectifier to fully-controlled half-bridge inverter with energy recuperation. Also motor-side inverter provide many control strategies: starting with simple scalar control to sensorless vector control allowing for speed or torque control.

Thanks to our own software and hardware, there is no doubt about the behaviour and parameters of our solutions, we may also adjust and refine parameters to achieve the best results.

Inverters are prepared to be connected to main controller via RS-485 Modbus RTU communication line. We may also provide a master controller with control strategies for multi-motor conveyors, allowing to create more complex and comprehensive solution. We provide full communication documentation and ensure support throughout the commissioning time.

Main features of 1000V/1140V inverters:

  • Grid side voltage (nom.): 1000V-1140V (+- 10%)
  • Output frequency: 1Hz-90Hz
  • Control strategies: scalar (U/f = const), vector (speed or torque control) with or without speed sensor
  • Communication: RS-485 (Modbus RTU) (different communication means possible after the agreement)
  • Motor power (nom.): 40kW-630kW
  • Grid side topology: semi-controlled rectifier or half-bridge inverter with recuperation
  • Cooling: water (or different coolant after the agreement), air (after the agreement)

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