Six-phase inverters for Nidec Motors & Actuators (Poland)

Description of implementation

The FNTpmsm-6f-12/48 inverter is designed to power 6-phase asymmetrical or symmetrical PMSM motors, manufactured or tested by Nidec Motors & Actuators (Poland). It was built in 2021, the design of power circuits is based on MOSFET transistors, which allow the system to operate under the following power and load conditions: supply voltage of 48V DC, rated motor current of 100A, 1-harmonic current frequency of up to 350 Hz. Such motors with power outputs of 10-20 kW are currently used in cars by many corporations as part of a micro-hybrid drive system (and similar: Mild Hybrid, Full Hybrid), allowing multifunctional use: starting system for the internal combustion engine, part of the braking system, increasing the driving torque, driving on an electric motor. The six-phase structure of motors has been gaining popularity for some time because of certain advantages, which are the division of power into a greater number of phases, the absence of the need to connect the power semiconductor elements of the converter in parallel (at the expense of increasing the number of phases), the reduction of motor ripple moments, etc. In the era of widespread use of power electronic converters, multi-phase motors (not only 6-phase, but also 5-phase and others) are no longer a significant problem in motor design.

The converter presented here is intended for use in the laboratory of Nidec, a manufacturer of such motors, as part of a larger system that allows standard motor tests, including vibration strength and resistance to harsh environments.


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